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Here at David Sudimack, Dr. David Sudimack typically uses a very strong dental adhesive to secure a dental bridge to the anchoring abutments in your mouth. While this creates a very powerful bond, it is possible for oral trauma or complications from gum disease to weaken the connection.

Even a small amount of movement in a loose bridge can cause damage to the sensitive abutments within. So, any looseness in a bridge needs immediate attention.

While you’re awaiting your appointment with Dr. David Sudimack, you should avoid playing with the bridge. If you have blood or debris in your mouth from an accident, you can rinse them away with lukewarm saltwater. Any other cleaning procedures should be left to Dr. David Sudimack and his highly trained staff.

If bacterial complications from gum disease have caused a minor failure in the cement, Dr. David Sudimack might be able to cement it back in place. If an abutment has been damaged in any way or if it has suffered a fracture at the gumline, more advanced treatment might be called for. This could potentially include performing a root canal.

If you have a loose dental bridge in Las Cruces, New Mexico, you shouldn’t hesitate to call 575-522-7320 to have it examined and treated at David Sudimack.